April 24, 2012

Doctor Who; The Slitheen

The Slitheen
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It's a Whosday!

When Doctor Who first came back (referred to as "Nu Who") with Christopher Eccleston, I caught the "Aliens of London" episode... While the "false-flag alien crash in London designed to spread fear and consolidate power for the government-disguised Slitheen usurpers" storyline was really interesting, the execution was rather goofy. So much so that it kinda turned me off of Doctor Who until a friend got me to try out the newer Matt Smith Doctor, and I was hooked from then on. I'm able now to go back and appreciate the Eccleston stuff in context, even the Slitheen episodes. At any rate, after a long wait, here they are.

A couple of pieces from some great contributors as well today, Daniel has done a great job on "Bucky Barnes" from the Captain America movie;

Ximo also has done something to cool share today, it's Hulk-Thing!


  1. Hah! I'm glad I wasn't the only one. I grew up on Classic Who and when Nu Who was launched, the first episodes I saw were the Slitheen ones - I was...NOT impressed. I saw it as nothing but fart jokes and was really disappointed. I took a break for a few months and then, when the whole series came out on DVD - for some reason, I splurged and bought them and watched it from the first Eccleston episode. Watching in context, I fell in love and have been hooked on Nu Who ever since. And now, I even love the Slitheen and find them fun.

  2. It's just like X-Files, Supernatural or any other long running show in that respect. You're going to get goofy episodes now and then. I started watching Eccelston from the start with the Autons and that almost turned me off but I stuck with it and the very next episode was fantastic!

  3. This things are veryyyyyy Awesome!Dean.I saw your Avenger's Hawkeye Pics.It was very cool! It would nice if you do some more avengers like Captain Nick Fury,Black Widow,Iron Man,Hulk,etc.Thank you for your Simpsonized Dr.Who Slitheen Pics Dude!