April 9, 2012

Marvel Comics - The Avenger's "Hawkeye"


With the Avengers movie coming up real soon, and the Avengers vs X-men event going on at Marvel, I wanted to concentrate on another oft-requested Avenger - Hawkeye! Stay tuned, movie version coming up here as well very soon.

And while you're here, check out this great Punx inspired Frodo sent in by Jordan!

And check out this great one by Sam - based on the acclaimed Sherlock TV show! Click to embiggen!


  1. You've made a good job, but i was wondering, is the arrow flying? Can't wait fr your Avengers movie Simpsonized wallpaper!

  2. Hi,

    I subscribe to your blog at a time and I love your cartoons. And I wanted to ask a favor.

    In one week ago, my little dog died. And I really wanted to get a tattoo it on me. For I remember it forever.

    She was a black Pug.

    If you want to help me with a drawing I'll be eternally grateful.

    If you can, contact me that I send you a picture of her.

    Thank you,

  3. You make a good point, Filo. I can see why it would be confusing... I've changed it up now, that should make more sense, thanks!

  4. Lucio, send me an email, thanks.

  5. THANK YOU!! I hope you liked my Sherlock! It took me hours ;)

  6. Please more Star Trek ilustrations Please :P

  7. Now THIS is the Hawkeye I've always loved....please do NOT do the movie version! ;)

  8. Now It really works. Great job!