April 2, 2012

Springfield Punx - Big Reader's Art Roundup!

Hey all, I've received a bunch of cool artwork from SP readers around the globe lately, and I thought I'd just do one big post to showcase it! Here we go;

Juan has sent in his Punx rendition of Batgirl (Stephanie Brown Version) and also his Joker/Mask mashup!

Glenn has done up his drawing of the Vampire Diaries -

Matthew has turned himself into the 2nd Doctor! Anybody else want to see a headless version of a Doctor to turn themselves into a Doc?

Cliff has put together his version of 5th Doctor companion, Teegan!

Brendan wrote in about a project from his site, basically, as he says "It's what I imagine The Simpsons LEGO would look like". Lego should seek out this license!

Thomas has done a great job on these DC superheroes! On top of that, he has done a great job with Stone Cold Steve Austin! Check 'em out! Click to enlarge.

Noel was quick on the draw with his Dawgs counterparts to my Spider-Woman and Beast, nice! Click to enlarge, obviously.

Now if you have got some Punx-type artwork to share, let's see what you've got. If you've tried emailing and were not able to get through, give it another try. Well, catch y'all later!


  1. I really like to watch my Punx version, and I have many more
    Greetings from Chile

  2. Thanks Dean, from me and my Dawgs

    Glad you liked my versions as much as I loved yours.

    Take care.


  3. Dean please post my Sherlock Punx I made you! Please because I'd really like it if you did! If you want I can re-send it to you!

  4. Dean I have re-sent you an e-mail! :)

  5. Great idea! To have a big art round up. Thanks for giving a platform for us other drawers.

  6. P#@*& Q$%#@ P*#$%

    Adoro esses caras!!
    Nuclear, Kilowog, Guy Gardner (Filho da P#@%)é o meu prediléto, e Tornado Vermelho.
    Todos Perfeitos Simpsomizados