July 25, 2012


Rocky (Sylvester Stallone)

I've only seen a couple of the Rocky movies, but I get the appeal - Ol' Sly is pretty inspirational in those flicks. That newer one was one of the ones I saw, and I quite enjoyed it.

...And for some fan stuff today, Cliff has put together his Punx versions of Doctor Who's Davros, Mickey, etc. Nice!

Hansel has also sent something in, his Punx remix brings us Batman; Arkham City Nightwing, and the Red Hood


Lastly... and I'm not great at talking about these kind of things... but I felt I should say something about the terrible events last week in Aurora, Colorado. Many of us have lost loved ones, but few of us have lost loved ones in a manner like this. My sincerest condolences and prayers go out for those affected by this tragedy. 
Photo courtesy of the Denver Post
Christian Bale was in Aurora yesterday to visit with those affected. He was not representing Warner Brothers, but decided to just go on his own and talk with some of the people there... and as admirable as that may be, even more kudos go out to the emergency responders and medical personnel who acted quickly and stayed awake for long, stressful hours to help those in distress. Thank you for being real-life heroes.
You teach us that, in fact...
 a hero can be anyone.


    he should be bleeding

    could u plz make the Batman Villain know as The Black Mask?

    1. Hey there zac. Which version of Black Mask were you most wishing to see?

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  3. The Black Mask from Batman issue 636 front cover, he looks awesome there

  4. Can you make a spider man movie lizard punx? I would really like that and awesome rock you've made!

  5. Can You Pretty Please make a Nightwing and Redhood

  6. iMean iKnow You Already Made a Nightwing But can you make a More Recent One, Pretty Please

  7. For Example The One From Young Justice or that New Injustice: Gods Among Us Game Trailer

  8. If iCan Make a Suggestion, Can You Make Like a Mortal Kombat Week. But Like Based on the 2011 Game Not the Older Ones

  9. Hello, Dean I'm a great fan of sylvester stallone.It would be great, if you can make some cool sylvester stallone's rambo characters and arnold shwarznenegger's commando characters!And your Simpsonized rocky Balboa is Awesome!