July 29, 2013

Marvel's Black Panther

The Black Panther
I wanted to do another Marvel character, and the Black Panther has been a requested character for some time. What a cool looking, simple costume, eh? Any other important costume variations of him that I should get to?

Also to share with you is this great Punx-inspired Firefly drawing by Willowbay! Nice! Click to enlarge!

And also a very fun look at what I would love to see happen on Futurama - The first three Doctors From Doctor Who as Heads-In-Jars - courtesy of Kathryn! Click to enlarge!


  1. brillant perhaps some more avengers like scarlett witch, antman and wasp

  2. Wow cool! If you look on google images you can find some costumes of him with gold jewels and like arm guards.

  3. Dean, are you not entering the Threadless Simpsons Tee Challenge?

  4. Always love your take on super heroes! When can we expect the 7th Doctor? I can't wait to have pics of all the Doctors, as well as I have been using your designs for Futurama/Doctor Who drawings and so far have 1-4 and 9-11 done. You featured my 11th Doctor on your site awhile back before I had the background done, but now I am working on the 5th and steadily reaching the 7th. I am sure I can make my own design, as I have designed most of the companions myself, but your designs are always just so perfect. I have been making sure to give you credit where ever I post them, so I hope maybe a couple people have visited here because of it. Either way I look forward to the 7th Doctor and all future designs!