July 23, 2013

Super Mario's Yoshi!

Yoshi, Goomba, Bob-omb (from Nintendo Super Mario games)

Continuing with the Mario theme, here are a few more of my favorite Mario characters.

It's bizarre when you sit back and think about it; All that time we spent as kids with a couple of plumbers who rode around on dinosaurs, stomping on angry mushrooms, avoiding walking wind up bombs, and bouncing off of winged turtles. And it was awesome.

Also for Doctor Who stuff today, Cliff has drawn up some of the monsters from the 9th Doctor episode “the End of the World”,  ‘the Adherents of the Repeated Meme’, click it to check it out!


  1. For more Simpsons characters go to projectspringfield.blogspot.com I post at least a picture a day, and for you game of thrones fans, I've done lots of those. Go subscribe to project Springfield.

  2. Hello Dean, I am a big fan of marvel, could you do the guardians of the galaxy?