April 27, 2009

Say 'Hey'!

Craig Ferguson, with puppets!

Hey, I had a request for a 'puppet inclusive' redux of my Craig Ferguson post - lately Craig has been doing some really creative and funny puppet routines on his show. I know, it sounds odd, and a little counter-intuitive for a late-night show, but he makes it work. Check out this example -

April 22, 2009

Riddle Me This...

Suited Frank Gorshin Riddler, John Astin Riddler, Jim Carrey Riddler

I had a request for a couple variations on the Riddler, topped off by the incredible Frank Gorshin in the suited Riddler look.

It was sure perplexing for me as a kid watching the reruns of the old Batman show and suddenly for some reason Riddler is sporting a mustache! Later I learned it was in fact John Astin (of Adams Family fame) taking on Gorshin's role.

Anyway I also wanted to throw a Jim Carrey 'Batman Forever' Riddler in here as well. I think that performance of his is basically the visual definition of 'over the top'. Very... colorful :)

April 3, 2009

...And Knowing is Half the Battle

Duke, Cobra Commander

As a kid, my friend was a bigger GI Joe fan than I was, but I enjoyed the show and man, I really enjoyed the toys. One of my favorite things to do with the figures (and I'm sure some of you did this too) was twist them up at the waist so they'd come whirling back around on account of that elastic band thing inside them. So fun :)

Not so optimistic about the movie though :)

Anyway, you'll probably see some more 'Joe' Punx in the future sometime.