December 15, 2009

I'm Always On Duty!

Inspector Gadget, Penny, and Brain

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Oh Gadget, you lovable klutz.

I vividly remember as a kid, singing the "do do do do do, Inspector Gadget!" along with the tv while my mom brought the warmth of my tomato soup lunch into the room. I would laugh along as Gadget naively bumbled his way hilariously through the episode as Penny and Brain faithfully braved the dangers and virtually solved the case behind his back... with just enough time for Gadget to pop up and hand over the disheartened MAD Agents to the Police Chief of course.

"Oh, Penny! What are you doing here?"

None if this is to say Gadget was useless by any means. Quite to the contrary, the exploits of the ever-optimistic Inspector were a constant distraction and frustration to Dr. Claw, with Gadget often unknowingly uncovering vital clues, as well as taking key MAD Agents out of the picture. If not for his work, I doubt many of the cases would be solved at all.

And I'd regret not thanking the late Don Adams for lending his wonderful voice and charm to the ol' Inspector, as well as providing a great deal of inspiration for the show I'm sure. :)

December 3, 2009

A Link to the Past...


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Update -

Alright you sticklers, hopefully this will make you happy. Apparently Link is 'left-handed'. Enjoy.

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I don't have a history of really being the biggest video gaming guy, but whenever I've gone to Nintendo for a fun time, Link has always been there. From 8-bit on up, I have many fond memories playing or watching Zelda games with friends.

Strange as it sounds, In a way I almost feel like I've grown up along with Link, watching him transition from console to console, and all his visual styles in between. It's been cool seeing him explore fantastic worlds and overcome challenges along the way.

Which has been your favorite Zelda game through the years?