December 23, 2008

By YOUR powers combined...

Captain Planet

Remember this guy?! I'm actually surprised they haven't yet brought this show back in some incarnation, what with all the global warming hoopla these days.

Even as a young person though, I realized Captain Planet was rather indoctrinal and contrived :)

But hey, how can you not love the green mullet and icy blue skin of the Captain? I wonder who it was that bestowed the rank of "captain" upon our friend here, anyway?

December 14, 2008

Huzzah! More Arrested Development

Ann Veal, Oscar Bluth, Prison Oscar Bluth, Annyong, Steve Holt

After I did the cast of AD, I felt I had to go ahead and do these characters as well. I mean, what would AD be without these beloved catchphrases -


"I'm Oscar! Dot Com!"


"Steve Holt!"