August 28, 2014

Marvel's Falcon!

The Falcon (from Marvel Comics)
Today, it's one of the really cool Marvel Comics heroes (and Captain America's buddy), the Falcon - In his classic uniform of course!

As far as fan-submitted work today, check out this great Robin Williams image put together by Scott! Check out Scott's other wallpapers at this link

Cliff has returned with some very cool Doctor Who posters, check these out!


...and Veysel has done some nice clean drawings in the SP method, check these out too;

August 19, 2014

Na-Nu Na-Nu!

"Mork from Ork" (played by Robin Williams in Mork & Mindy)

I thought it might be an appropriate time....

August 5, 2014

Doctor Who's Vashta Nerada

The Vashta Nerada (from Doctor Who)
One of the creepier menaces the Doctor has faced, the Vashta Nerada

And for some fan stuff today, check these out! An awesomely done "young Obi Wan Kenobi" by Álvaro;
 And here's a Breaking Bad Walter White from Jose! Thanks Jose!