July 16, 2009

Springfield Punx Graffiti!

Hey all, just wanted to share with you some awesome Punx-inspired Graffiti art by a clever and talented artist named Gusto. He did this beautifully huge mural featuring Punx-styled Marvel characters.

It really is an impressive piece. I hope you go check out his post about it here and see it in all it's full-sized glory.

To see the Marvel Punx previously featured here on the blog, you can click on some of the labels below.

Thanks Gusto, it's amazing!

July 14, 2009

King of Pop

Michael Jackson
I was a bit hesitant to cover Michael Jackson right now. I've seen all the unrelenting coverage on the entertainment gossip shows and I've passed by the generously stocked CD displays that have been hastily set up in the stores. Are they just cashing in, or maybe I guess the're just feeding a hunger that's out there right now in the wake of his passing? I don't know but at any rate I didn't want to go out and be explotive, not deliberately at least.

In light of all that, and also the controversy in his life (I don't know exactly what he did or didn't do, but that's something others will continue to look at I suppose) but I still did want to pay tribute to my memories of the past and share that with others.

This is the Michael Jackson I 'met' as a kid. A happy, glowing young man looking at me from the 'Thriller' cover. The needle tracing the circles of the record, pulling out the enchanting music. Turning on the tv and seeing this guy move like I'd never seen anyone move before. And a really cool red jacket.

I've had more good memories of MJ and I've also witnessed him go through his 'changes' (so to speak) but that was my first and biggest experience of him and he defines so much of what the 80's was to me. Remember those Pepsi commercials? :)
Click to enlarge

I also remember the 'Michael Jackson' episode of the Simpsons long ago. That was cool. I've heard a few different things about it not being the real MJ doing the voice and others that say it really was. If you know for sure, don't worry about telling me, I actually think I'd rather not know.

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