June 30, 2010

Doctor Who Week: Day 3

Rory Williams

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Today we have the lovable underdog and boyfriend to Amy Pond, Rory.

The boy who waited.

I've really grown fond of Rory over the course of the fifth series, as he has really seemed to have grown in confidence and character. Even as the plastic Auton Rory. Now, If you don't know what a plastic auton is, I don't think I'll venture an explanation at this time, but I'll just tell you it's one of the things that are worth watching the series to find out.

June 29, 2010

Doctor Who Week: Day 2

Dalek, Dalek Ironside

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Well next of course is the iconic Who baddies, the Daleks. These guys may seem like R2D2's twisted uncles at first, but they are quite the formidable foe.

It was funny when I was first trying to figure out if I was pronouncing it right. "Dahhhlek? "Doll-lek?" Or is it "DAY-leks", but I'm just hearing the British accent coming through...? I eventually figured it out though :)

At any rate, since Daleks come in scores of different color combinations, I've posted a 'blank' line art/transparency Dalek below for you to color or just mess with however you want (click image). And hey, if you come up with something crazy or cool and would like to send it along, it just might just get posted here for all to see in the following days. Have fun!

June 28, 2010

Doctor Who Week: Day 1

The Doctor (Matt Smith)

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Over the last few months, I've had a tremendous time enjoying Doctor Who Series 5. I have to confess, I only have a fuzzy memory of the classic Who from the public TV broadcasts we had, and I've only seen a handful of the Eccleston/Tennant episodes.

A friend got me onto this series with Matt Smith, and right from that fabulous series opener I've been hooked. I love Matt Smith in the Eleventh Doctor role as well, he's eccentric and brilliant, but also playful and childlike. I'd be really pleased to see the Eleventh Doctor stick around for a while if possible. At the same time, I've enjoyed it so much that I'd like to look into the previous incarnations some more I think.

Stand-out episodes for me from this series are the already-mentioned series opener, the Vincent Van Gogh episode (which I found poignant and sort of beautiful) and the just finished Pandorica/Big Bang finale episodes.

Well, all this week we'll concentrate on series 5, so see ya tomorrow!

June 18, 2010

Hey You Guys!!!

Sloth, Chunk

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Goonies was just one of those great adventure movies of the 80's. Plenty of funny moments and some really endearing characters, these two in particular in my case. I'll never forget Chunk's 'truffle shuffle' or the lovable mutant Sloth. Ah, the 80's.

June 4, 2010

DC Comics Heroes Wallpaper

Just recently a guy named Paulo from Brazil (http://twitter.com/pauloap) dropped me a line to show me a wallpaper he did featuring a bunch of the DC Comics heroes found on the blog and he did a great job. I definitely thought it was cool enough to share. He did 3 different sizes, check it out -

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As a bonus, here is Superman as he appeared (well, minus the Simpson look) in Max Fleischer's amazing Supes cartoons from the 40's. Those animated shorts look so stunning that they still hold up today, they're really beautiful works of art.

June 1, 2010


Steve Zissou

Just wanted to get another Bill Murray character out there, this one from The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. It's so fun to watch Murray just go and do his thing.