December 27, 2013

Star Trek's THE GORN

The Gorn
From his epic fight with Captain Kirk, the Gorn is one of my favorites as far as it comes to alien monsters in the original Star Trek.

December 16, 2013

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man (Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 2)
Even though the movie is months away - I have to say, I LOVE how the costume turned out for the Amazing Spider-Man follow-up! If you ask me, the live-action Spidey has never looked better!

UPDATE - This new movie Spidey looks close enough to the comic version that I figured I'd do up a new comic Spidey (2.0?) as well...

December 11, 2013

More Super Mario Guys...

From the Super Mario games; Boos, Bullet Bill, Shy Guy & Koopas

Wanted to get some more Super Mario guys out there.

UPDATE; Some more great Doctor Who stuff sent in by Cliff, "I’ve done a character from the 4th Doctors time, Scaroth, from an episode called ‘City of Death’ also featuring Romana 2." 

Click images to enlarge

December 4, 2013

Darth Vader

A new one for all the Star Wars fans out there... Darth Vader

You didn't think it would be another Doctor Who post, did you? :) Although... it would be a pretty cool crossover! The TARDIS and the Millennium Falcon streaking through space together? Would be awesome!

In addition today, I wanted to thank for featuring Springfield Punx in their newsletter. Thanks lads!

Scott has made a big collection of his Doctor Who Punx-themed wallpapers, many of them well sized for mobile devices. Thanks, Scott!

 And Cliff R. in Tennessee even put together a DW themed game of Munchkin with Punx! Let me know and I can get you in contact with Cliff to have something like this yourself. Very cool!