October 26, 2009

Contest Frustration...

Recently I was directed to a cool new contest at http://www.thesimpsons.com/character/ where you get to come up with a new Simpsons character! Apparently the winner will have their creation appear in an upcoming episode, as well as a trip to LA to meet with a Simpsons artist and other stuff! Sounds cool, right?

I loved the idea, but wouldn't you know it - yep, looks like only U.S. Residents are eligible. D'oh! ...The plight of the Canadian I guess.

So then I figured 'heck, it might be a fun exercise, why not just do it anyway and post it on your blog?' So I went for it. ...and maybe just to throw it back at them, I gave my character an admittedly Canadian flair...
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Name: HockeyFight Phil (or Slewfoot Phil, still deciding which I like best)
Known Aliases: Phil McGrattzky
Age: 39
Occupation, If Any: Former Canadian hockey player/part time senior care worker
Sex: Male
Hair Color: Red
Body Type: Canadian Hulk
Blood Type: Maple
Distinguishing Features: Missing teeth, persistent black eye, unwashed hockey uniform
Last Seen: At the zoo, yelling obscenities at the zebras...
Last Heard: 'Firmly' informing Homer Simpson, "You got 13 items, eh?" at the express checkout.
Known Catchphrases: "HOCKEY FIGHT!"
Other info: Beware, Phil may occasionally be slightly 'off' with regards to mental state, likely due to a few too many collisions throughout his career. He may exhibit quite the temper.

Anyway, thanks for indulging me folks! I don't know if my idea is the best, but I appreciate being able to share it with you. You still have a day or 2 left, so I hope you U.S. Residents enter the contest with all your creative ideas and make me proud! later!

October 9, 2009

They'll never take our FREEDOM!

William Wallace

I admit, it's been a long while since I've seen Braveheart, but the suggestion came up to draw him, it was interesting to me. My recollection of the film is probably a bit hazy, but it seems like a timely message at any rate.

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October 4, 2009

LOST week 2; Day 7

Sayid Jarrah

Sayid is one guy I would not like to meet in a dark alley. Or a well-lit alley for that matter. This man is the MacGyver of Pain.

The actor Naveen Andrews does a great job of making him an imposing force, albeit the strong-silent type. I can't wait to see what revelations await regarding Sayid in the upcoming season.

...And that's all for Lost Week 2! Thanks for sticking with me folks!
I'll catch you next time!

October 3, 2009

LOST week 2; Day 6

Daniel Faraday

Faraday is another one of those Lost characters that just keeps you enthralled. He's not a big fighter or skilled killer, but the things he says just keep you guessing. Jeremy Davies does an amazing job with the role.

I imagine he'd be able to hold a long, spirited debate with Doc Brown (from Back to the Future). I'd pay to see that.

October 2, 2009

LOST week 2; Day 5

Desmond Hume

Desmond is my constant. Brotha.

Every time Desmond on the screen, my eyes are glued. He's mysterious but very likeable, and his love for Penny is inspiring. I really hope the character finds lasting happiness.

Henry Ian Cusick does a fantastic job with the role, but it really threw me for a loop when I saw him on the show initially. I had previously only seen Cusick as Jesus in the really powerful "
The Visual Bible: The Gospel of John", but there he was again, long hair, beard and all. It took a while to get used to :)

October 1, 2009

LOST week 2; Day 4

Claire Littleton

So is Claire dead? Or Is she really still alive? Will we see more of her son Aaron?

Will we hear Claire say the name "Cha-lee" one more time?