October 26, 2010

WHOsdays; The Cybermen!

The Cybermen
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The Cybermen are among the coolest of Doctor Who's enemies. They're kinda like the Borg, although they actually appeared first. And they're a lot shinier.

Update! I got a comment mentioning the Series 5 version of the Cybermen with the new logo, so I put these together as well;

On another note, a creative Springfield Punx reader named Andy got inspired and drew his version of all 11 Doctors in Simpsons style! Click the image below to visit his deviantart page and let him know what you think.

October 22, 2010

Follow the Arrow...

Green Arrow
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Ever since I got the Super Powers action figure of the guy when I was a kid, I've thought Green Arrow was really cool. The thought of an archer in the Justice League (alongside Batman and Superman) was quite intriguing to me.

October 19, 2010

WHOsdays; K-9!

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Hey, what would a Time Lord be without his faithful dog?
I always like watching me some Doctor Who and seeing ol' K-9 show up.

October 16, 2010

October 12, 2010

Tuesdays are WHOsdays! The Doctor (David Tennant)

Doctor Who (David Tennant)
I'm going to try something new for the next little bit; Tuesdays for the rest of the year will now be WHOsdays. I'll still do other stuff, but in the midst of anything else, the plan is to have a different Doctor Who character every Tuesday until 2010 is done. A lot of it will be Tennant-era inspired, so stick around and see what turns up. Thanks!

Of course the we start out with the Doctor himself!
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October 4, 2010

Spawned in the 90's

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I was never a big fan of Spawn, but at the time when Todd McFarlane's creepy creation debuted, I didn't miss the 'hugeness' of it all. I did pick up Spawn #1, partly out of collector's instinct, and partly out of creative curiosity. 

McFarlane's run on Spider-Man had been a big hit, but looking through the pages of that Spawn book, I knew I had never seen anything quite like it. Before you knew it, the comics, toys, the HBO cartoon and the movie had hit. 

Anyway, the whole enthusiasm for Spawn definitely cooled, and I don't think Spawn has ever became what I'd call "mainstream", but the phenomenon will always be remembered by many as a bookmark of the 90's.