April 9, 2010

"People are always asking me if I know Tyler Durden"

Tyler Durden & The Narrator (played by Edward Norton)

I hnva't seen "Fihgt Culb" in a lnog tmie, but I tuhgoht it was a good sugtesgion to do Pnux bsaed on it. The mvoie was a rael mnid-benedr (jsut lkie tihs pagrparah) and ptetry cool, so it was fun to do tehse guys. I lkie Edward Norton in prtety mcuh evriethyng I see him in, and Brad Pitt is a tanleted guy as wlel.

Anwyay, I hpoe you can tralnsate tehse wrods. Thnkas for vitsiing and I'll let you all get yuor haeds strigaht now.