March 27, 2015

More Movie Wolverine

Wolverine (movie Hugh Jackman version)
Some more movie Wolverine, and this time more raw...

March 19, 2015


C-3PO (from Star Wars)

Good old Threepio, I sure hope to see lots of him and Artoo in the new Star Wars movies...

Also today, some awesome work from some SP friends! Click the images to enlarge them;

Check out this amazing Doctor Who stuff from Cliff! It's a Doctor Who monster, called a Fendahl, from an episode called the Image of the Fendahl, with the 4th Doctor. Thanks Cliff!
Next up is this great Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction by Alvaro from Spain!

And check out this, it's Gandalf The Grey from The Lord Of The Rings by 12 year-old Telmo, Alvaro's brother! Thanks Telmo!!
 And one more, a great Ezio Auditore de Florencia by Jose Luis!

March 11, 2015

Marvel's Firestar


I fondly remember as a kid sitting down to my Saturday morning cartoons, one of them being "Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends" featuring Spidey and his pals, Iceman and Firestar. In fact, I think the cartoon was her first appearance! She's a cool character, I don't actually know why they haven't done more with her.

March 4, 2015

Doctor Who's Dalek Sec

The Human Hybrid Dalek Sec (from Doctor Who)

Another Doctor Who Punx today, one that's a long time coming, human hybrid Dalek Sec!