January 28, 2010

Ghostbusters 2 Wallpaper

Recently a SP reader named Chris Morrell put together a great Ghostbusters wallpaper with the guys in their updated Ghostbusters II likeness that I wanted to share with you. I really like the job he did and it makes for a pretty snazzy looking desktop if I do say so :) Thanks Chris!

January 19, 2010

Don't Be Cruel

Elvis Presley

My earliest recollection of Elvis music was probably some of his cuter tunes like Teddy Bear and Love me Tender, as well as a sampling of his gospel tunes.

I came along far after the Elvis phenomenon had happened, but if there is any fair comparison to what it was like when Michael Jackson was at his peak, I think I can get somewhat of a grasp of the magnitude that this whole thing was in regards to pop culture impact.

I'm probably never going to make a pilgrimage to Graceland or skydive in a white rhinestone jumpsuit, but I do think Elvis is a figure surely worthy of being Simpsonized.

On another note, I was sent a link from Jenni of some really neat Simpsons art in the form of tattoos, one of which you would have seen in that recent 20th Anniversary TV special.

You can check out the link by clicking on the image;

January 6, 2010

You've Bean Missed

Mr. Bean

In high school, my typing teacher did the coolest thing.

At lunch hour he would invite teachers and students to come into the library to watch his videotapes of an odd looking character called Mr. Bean. This strange character in a brown suit didn't say much, but the situations he got into and the things he did were hilarious.

Many of us students latched on immediately. Word spread around about the videos and the lunch hour audience swelled. We'd anxiously head for the library every lunch hour to poke our heads in and ask "Is there any Mr. Bean today?"

It was one of those things that really brightened the whole school day.

When I first saw Mr. Bean get a turkey stuck on his head, It was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. I was thoroughly convinced this Rowan Atkinson guy was some kind of genius.