July 29, 2016

Hiya, Puddin!

Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad movie version)

I think this one speaks for itself. We're seeing a LOT of Harley Quinn these days, and I don't think it's going to stop...

July 22, 2016

Terminator Too!

The Terminator T-800
It's taken a long while for me to get to Arnold's Terminator, but here he finally is. I took a good amount of time on these as I wanted to hit a lot of different variations/looks for him.

July 12, 2016

DC Comics Firestorm

Firestorm (classic version from DC Comics)
UPDATE! On a good suggestion by Anonymous, I've included a version with the big ghost-like head of Professor Stein as well!
I remember first seeing Firestorm as a kid, as they featured him as one of the figures in the iconic Super Powers action figure line. I didn't know much about him a the time, but I loved his outrageously bright red and yellow colors, as well as the fire coming out of his head (and punching action of course). How cool is that? Since then he's continued to appear in DC comic books and even in the CW's tv DC universe. You've come a long way Ronnie!

July 8, 2016

Alexandre's Latest Punx!

Our friend Alexandre has taken his time to do up a couple of his own Punx that he'd like to share. Check out his comic versions of Marvel's Taskmaster and Baron Zemo! Thanks Alexandre!