June 28, 2012

George Michael

George Micheal

Well, I drew him. I don't listen to his music myself, but I drew him. Will I post something more in keeping with the usual next time? Well...you gotta have faith.

And for some fan stuff today, I wanted to share these:

Cliff has put together his version of some of the companions to go along with my 5th Doctor. Nyssa of Traken, Adric and Tegan. Nice!

Andreas has used the SP Avengers punx to put together a cool Avengers image!

Hansel has sent in his version of the Damian Wayne Robin Punx...

And Ximo has modded the Ninja Turtles Punx into what I can only call the "Teenage Mutant Jedi Turtles! Cool idea :)

June 21, 2012

Owl City?

Talon Assassin (from Scott Snyder's "Batman - Night of Owls" storyline)

I received a suggestion to draw a Talon Assassin from Scott Snyder's excellent "Night of Owls" storyline happening right now in DC Comics' Batman titles, in which the shadowy Court of Owls (who have been secretly influencing Gotham City for a long time) has decided to go launch their assault on Gotham and send out their zombie-like assassins to do the job. This is the first one Batman had to wrestle with.

If you like comics or are into Batman, you should check out Snyder's run. It's been a great ride so far!

June 14, 2012

They Won't Let You Remember... Again.

Tommy Lee Jones as Kay in Men in Black

Well, it doesn't make much sense to draw Jay without also including his elder partner Kay, does it?

btw, I love it when he calls Will Smith "Slim"...

I also wanted to share a cool creation with you today - Michael sent me a couple Pathtags (which are a little medallion type treasures made for geocaching) based on the First Doctor Punx from this blog! Thanks Mike!

June 7, 2012

The Avengers Movie - Iron Man

Tony Stark/Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr. Movie version)

It's time to finally get to the other of the big guns of the Avengers team, Tony Stark - Iron Man! RDJ was great to watch in this movie, and it's all on the heels of news about Iron Man 3 which we're getting trickles of news and photos from now. I hope (and expect) it will be an improvement on the second movie.

A quick shout-out today to Brent and the 24-7 Chuck Norris Jokes site who liked the Chuck Norris Punx enough to adopt them as mascots for the site. Thanks!

June 1, 2012

They Won't Let You Remember

Jay (Men in Black)

Taking a break from Avengers...
So I hear there's a new MIB flick - is it good?