January 30, 2013

Doctor Who's The Master

The Master (John Simm)

A requested character, The Master/Harold Saxon portrayed by John Simm.

And keeping with the 10th Doctor theme, check out Cliff's Judoon drawing!

January 23, 2013

Red Robin & Nightwing

DC Comic's New 52 Red Robin & Nightwing
My interest in all things Batman naturally results in me seeing a lot of Nightwing and (Red) Robin, former sidekicks of the Dark Knight. The Nightwing costume for DC's New 52 relaunch was not much of a departure, save for the red color instead of the previous blue. The red is fine I suppose, but I have to admit I do kinda miss the blue.

The costume for Red Robin (The New 52's vision of Tim Drake) seems a little too busy and "chopped up" looking to me, although perhaps I just think that because of my admiration of the old Neal Adams designed Tim Drake Robin costume from the 90's.

Also today, a cool Doctor Who "The Snowmen" Special-inspired image from John. Thanks John! (Click to enlarge)

And of course, more of Cliff's creativity in these "11th Doctor Who and Clara featuring the Snowmen" and
"1st Doctor, Susan Foreman and the Sensorites" images! Nice! (Click to enlarge)

January 16, 2013

Another Who-ednesday with Clara

Doctor Who's (Oswin) Oswald/Clara/SouffleGirl - as seen in "The Snowmen" Christmas Special... plus the Doctor! 

 UPDATE! Some more Doctor Who stuff to share! Natalie got herself a cool DW Punx inspired tattoo featuring an awesome Adipose with Tom Baker's signature scarf!

Plus more great DW characters from Cliff! It's the 3rd Doctor and his Companions (from left to right : Liz Shaw, the Brigadier, Sarah Jane Smith, 3rd Doctor and Joe Grant)  and the 3rd Doctor and his arch enemies ‘the Sea Devils’. Click to enlarge.

January 14, 2013

Avengers Wallpaper!

I know this Avengers wallpaper is a little past due, but here it is nonetheless... I hope you'll be able to work with these resolutions - let me know if I need to post a different resolution.

1900 x 1200

1680 x 1050

1600 x 1200

1366 x 768 

January 9, 2013

Assassin's Creed

Altair (from Assassin's Creed)

UPDATE 2 - I've added a scar version for those that asked about it...

UPDATE! I've heard you loud and clear about the finger and changed it to what I gather is the (hopefully?) correct way. It's a bit confusing to try and figure out the ramifications of a character who has their ring finger chopped off, but is drawn in the "3-fingers-and-a-thumb" Simpsons style :)

I left a version of the original in case that's anyone's preference.

I actually don't play video games much, so I probably don't do enough video game characters for this blog, but I'm finally getting to an often requested character today - Altair. Hope you like!

For some cool reader-submitted stuff today; (click images to enlarge)From Benjamin - "the first is the new version of the batman team who contains the recent suit of Nightwing, and a version of damian wayne more aged. The second is just the version of iron spidey and spidey symbiote of  Marc Webb version."

 A well done Simon Baker as Patrick Jane from the Mentalist by Michael! Many more Mentalist Punx by Michael can be found here

And Cliff sends along more cool Doctor Who images - "I have had another dabble and this time done a few characters from a double episode entitled ‘Silence in the Library’ and ‘ Forest of the Dead’ featuring the 10th Doctor, River Song, Donna and the Vashta Nerada."

January 2, 2013

The Souffle Girl! It's a... Who-ednesday?!

Doctor Who's (Oswin) Oswald/Clara/SouffleGirl

Slight spoilers from the last season and 2012 Doctor Who Christmas Special ahead...

Well in the last Doctor Who Christmas Special, we got a good introduction to Clara (Oswin) Oswald (played by Jenna Louise Coleman) who's a mysterious girl with a way of seemingly dying but showing up elsewhere in time with a different life, but still herself - not completely unlike the Doctor himself. Interesting.

Anyway, more versions of Clara-Oswin-Oswald-Souffle-Girl-Whoever-She-Is coming soon!

For some reader submitted art today, here's Joe's take on some Punx drawings. Looks like he had fun! Thanks Joe!