October 29, 2015

Classic Doctor Who Cybermen

Cybermen (from classic Doctor Who)
If I'm not mistaken, (and I might be) here's some "Invasion-era" Cybermen from Doctor Who. The look of this generation of Cybermen is interesting... Why would a Cyberman be wearing silver lace-up boots? Well, because tan colored boots would clash, of course.

October 22, 2015


Supergirl (from new CBS TV show)

Well, the new Supergirl show is almost here, I guess we'll find out what it's like very soon...

October 21, 2015

TMNT Leonardo Coloring Page

I've had some requests for coloring page versions of some Springfield Punx favorites, so as a start I've posted a new line art Leonardo here that you can color up yourself! Feel free to email and send in your (or your kids) coloring work, and if at all possible, I'll post em up here. Have fun! (Click image to access and save the full size image)

October 13, 2015

Robin, the Girl Wonder

Carrie Kelly Robin (from The Dark Knight Returns)

We're soon going to be getting a third installment of the Dark Knight Returns graphic novel, so I figured it would be a good time to add Carrie Kelly to Springfield Punx... I couldn't decide which angle I liked best, so I just did them both :)

October 5, 2015

TMNT's Leonardo 2.0

Leonardo (from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

I felt like it was time to go back and do some new versions of the Turtles from those I had previously drawn for this blog a loooooong time ago. They're some of my childhood buddies after all! Leonardo was my favorite Turtle back in the day, and here he is in his cartoon and comic-inspired looks...