January 31, 2012

Some Batman Movie Extras

Scarecrow (straight jacket version)

Gotham Mayor Garcia (Nestor Carbonell)

Hey all, just wanted to pick up on a couple more Nolan Bat-film characters and throw them up here. The straight jacket Scarecrow was a cool variation that I wanted to do, and seeing that I had a Nestor Carbonell head sitting around from the LOST series, I figured I might as well whip up a Gotham City Mayor Garcia.

A couple more things to share quickly as well;

Here's a very fun and creative Punx-inspired Doctor Who/Futurama piece by Jacob! He's got some more work like this at his online home

Luis has been busy at work on his blog drawing a bunch of cool stuff, including Superman from the upcoming Man of Steel movie and the Hulk from Avengers. Check it out!

Thanks again for visiting guys, more Punx are on the way.

January 25, 2012

Star Wars - Stormtroopers!

Star Wars Stormtroopers 

Yes, I've finally posted a Star Wars character! Many of you have emailed asking about SW stuff, and I always intended to get to it - Truth be told, I envisioned some grand event for the blog with a whole bunch of Star Wars characters and everything, but the idea was so daunting I kept putting it off and putting it off.

At this point though, I just decided (with free time being what it is) to stop stressing about it and just sprinkle in SW stuff where I can, the way I do with most everything else on the blog. Hopefully this is the first in a long list of SW guys I'll be able to share with you.

Anyway, I like Star Wars, but I'm not a real "nerd" for it, y'know? ...So, you guys can feel free to share your ideas and suggestions on SW stuff. Thanks for your patience, all!

January 18, 2012

Alexander the Great!

Alexander Ovechkin

If you've been following this blog for very long, you know that I'm Canadian, and we Canadians are a hockey-loving sort. It was high time that I gave the Punx treatment to one of the most talented and most colorful players in the NHL - Alexander Ovechkin, Russian-born captain of the Washington Capitals. In a league where the players are largely considered by many as "bland", it's nice to have an exuberant and interesting guy like Ovechkin around.

Included is his well-known scruffy look as well as a clean-shaven version of Ovie. 

I also wanted to share something cool by Steven at http://www.backtothetrivia.com who has repurposed my Doc and Marty Punx to create what turns out to be a really cool DVD label. Nice!

January 11, 2012

Punx Odds n' Ends

A bunch of miscelaneous stuff for you today, first is a really cool desktop featuring the previously posted Sontaran Punx! It was put together by the guys at the Doctor-Who-themed "The Omega Podcast"

There's also a cool Torchwood facebook page that has re-purposed some Punx images in quite a creative way...

Luis de los Rios is creating a really cool looking Batman fan series, and after a few quick tweaks to my TDK Punx I was able to match what he's got going on with the character designs in his series. Best wishes with it, Luis!

Josh has put together a bunch of Punx inspired comic strips called Hollyweird Living! Nice job, dude!

Juan is a fan of Phineas and Ferb, and has shared his designs with us as well.

This is Ra's Al Ghul by Luis!

Gabriel has done Arthur from Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy;

Fernando Alonso-Ferrari is here as well, brought to you by Raico and his blog.

And for good measure, here's my Punx version of TMNT's Shredder as inspired by the live-action movie;

January 5, 2012

Doctor Who - The Sontarans!

Doctor Who fans have been requesting that I do this one for a long time, so I'm pleased to finally be posting it - The Sontarans! I've included a bunch of variations for you "army-builders".

I'm also posting a new version of classic Who villain "Omega" - They've recently come out with an Omega action figure, but confusingly, he has sort of a blue-ish or purple-ish color to him. All the photos I can find of him online seem to show a greenish color, so I donno. Go figure.