October 31, 2013

Thor - The Dark World

Thor (The Dark World movie version)

With the new Thor movie upon us, I figured it was appropriate to do him in his new look.

Also today, check out this awesome SP Doctor Who cake that Cate made for her boyfriend! Great idea, looks wonderful!

Again on the Doctor Who front, Cliff is back with the "Dalek from the 7th Doctors era – Remembrance of the Daleks, featuring the Imperial Emporer Dalek who actually turned out to be Davros…. And then a scene from that 1988 Episode." Thanks Cliff, looks good! Click images to embiggen!


October 24, 2013

Marvel's Ant-Man!

Marvel Comics' Ant-Man (Hank Pym)
Getting to another request, here's Ant-Man, the Marvel Comics character. Keep an eye on this guy, he's set to star in his own Marvel movie, you know. Maybe he'll cross paths with the Avengers on the big screen soon, we'll see!

Something tells me he won't be wearing his classic comic costume though :)

Check out this other stuff that was sent in recently....

These great Doctor Who Punx decorations were made by Kevin for the birthday party of his 9 year old daughter who really wanted a DW themed celebration. He couldn't find any DW party supplies to buy so he made these! How cool is that? Click images to enlarge!
Ben sent in photos of this awesome piece he put together, wow! His description;
"I was inspired by Eric Scarecrow's Soopa Coin Up Bros. vinyl to create my first custom vinyl creation. I added the light at the top and attached an EL Wire unit to the back to light the top and the screen. I created the screen art by combining Doctor Who perler bead art and the X-Men arcade game. The sides and back art are versions of the art I created before by photoshopping your Doctor Who art."

Álvaro (from Spain and is 14 years old!) sent in this great Daniel Craig James Bond!
Cliff is back with 7th Doctors companions, Mel and Ace. Thanks Cliff!

Last but not least, Veysel has been working hard on his Simpsons drawings, and has tried some stuff I featured in my tutorials (links on the side of the blog) with great results! Here's Veysel's drawings:

October 16, 2013

Super Mario Mania!

Super Mario's Toad, Fire Mario, Fire Luigi, Raccoon Mario, Princess Daisy

Almost done with the Mario stuff guys, just want to do a few more odds and ends- Turtles, etc.

And Doctor Who fans, check out this cool collage (called "Interfaces of the Past") that Jeff  put together, thanks Jeff!

October 9, 2013

Movie Wolverine!

Wolverine (Hugh Jackman X-men movie version)
I'm not sure how I've gone this long and not done the X-men movie version of Wolverine, but to make good on that request by many, here he is. Any other variations or "looks" for Wolvie you'd like to see?

And another fun Doctor Who piece by John! Take that, Patty and Selma! Click image to embiggen :)

October 4, 2013

Springfield Punx Fan Showcase!

I've had a bunch of great new Punx drawings/remixes/collages come in that I want to share today! Since I've completed the current run of Doctors from Doctor Who (with the recent addition of the 7th Doctor) some friends of the blog whipped up these images;

From Cliff we have these;
The first is Dalek Sec and the Cult of Skaro – episode called Doomsday, second is the Supreme Dalek from an episode called the Stolen Earth.

An awesome Punx recreation of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special Poster by Andy! (His site; rabidpuppydesign.blogspot.co.uk )
(Click image to enlarge)

Ofir from Mexico has sent in a great clean-looking collage of all the Doctors! Thanks Ofir! (click image to enlarge)

 A nice line-up of the Doctors from our friend Philip! (click image to enlarge)

Some more great stuff from Sam, who had the poster recreation idea as well! His links; Art site: Sam Bentley's Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey Art and Stuff Doctor Who site: Dimensions in Time
(Yep, click images to enlarge)

A longtime friend of SP named Mark has his own webcomic now! Below is a sample. Check out the site at http://mehpow.co.za/

Whew! Well, that's it for now! If you have something to send in, remember to save it as a good quality .gif or .jpg if possible! Thanks!