October 30, 2012



Getting to a requested character - Rambo.

Also more great Doctor Who-ness from Cliff, this time the Doctor with Ice Warriors and Commander Azaxyr. Cool :) Click image to enlarge


And Ximo is back with what he describes as "Stark from Winterfell with a Stark Industries armor"

October 23, 2012

Top Gear's "The Stig"

The Stig


If you've seen the show Top Gear, you know who the Stig is. Well, not exactly who he is, but you know what he does. He's one of many cool things about that show. 

The great thing about Top Gear is that for a show about cars, you don't have to be into cars to enjoy it, y'know?

Anyway, also today - I was sent another one of those awesome little metal pathtags, this one featuring my Tom Baker Doctor and K-9. Awesome! I can't figure out exactly who the sender is though, if it's you, let me know so I can thank you!

October 16, 2012

Taxi Driver

Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver

Well, I've never seen the movie, but to fulfill a request that sounded like an interesting challenge, here is Travis Bickle (played by Robert De Niro) from the movie Taxi Driver.

More great reader-submitted stuff today as well, including the 3rd Doctor with his Bessie and 10th Doctor in "Voyage of the Damned", sent in by Cliff (click images to see bigger)

Also, an awesome Spartacus (Andy Whitfield) from Ximo! Nice work!

October 9, 2012

DC Comics' Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle

A fan favorite to many, this is the classic DC Comics hero, Blue Beetle!

Some great stuff from readers today as well, check out these spooky Ghostbusters Punx decorations that Mike created for his garage! Click image to enlarge

Ximo is back with these awesome drawings, the "Air Bender" and JD from Scrubs!

More Doctor Who goodness from Cliff as well, it's the Doctor with the Zygons!

October 2, 2012

Evening, Commissioner...

Commissioner Gordon (as seen in Nolan Batman trilogy)

Thanks go out to John on this one, for writing in and motivating me to draw this character that I've intended to draw for a long time - Commissioner Gordon, from Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. (I've also included a Bat-signal-bashing-axe-version for good measure) I must say, that was a fantastic portrayal, Mr. Oldman!

So... to share with you also today, the aforementioned John is a youth pastor who has creatively used Punx drawings for his youth ministry - check out this Student-Led Youth Ministry promo he put together! Cool! :)

One other thing today; I received these fantastic 5th Doctor Punx Pathtags in the mail! They're used in geocaching and they're like really cool little metal medallions. Unfortunately, I've lost the email address of the person who sent them, so if it's you - drop me a line so I can thank you!