November 29, 2013

New Doctor Who Wallpaper!

To celebrate the 50th and the awesome anniversary special we just got to watch, here is a new Doctor Who wallpaper, complete with the John Hurt Doctor!  

PLUS I'll announce the winner of the Captain Jack action figure below...





Well, the random number generator gave me a "10" and that means that "Chacal" (who likes Tennant best from the newer series) is the winner of the Captain Jack action figure! Please use the link on the right and send me an email as soon as you can Chacal, and we'll get everything sorted out! Thank you all for participating!
For those of you getting weary of Doctor Who, don't worry, I'll do something else for my next post :)
Now for some great reader art! Here are some nice ones by Benjamin, including The Red Skull, a redesigned Darth Maul, and a certain Doctor dressed all Star Wars-y. Very cool!
 And check out Alvaro's "Tom Cruise from Oblivion!" Great job Alvaro!

 Well, catch y'all next time!

November 22, 2013

The Night of the Doctor

Doctor Who's the 8th Doctor (Paul McGann, as seen in "Night of the Doctor")
It was a nice surprise seeing Paul McGann back as the Doctor, this time for the The Night of the Doctor, prologue to The Day of the Doctor special, almost upon us! One can only imagine what we might see there!

AND since it's a time to celebrate all things Doctor Who, I have this Captain Jack Torchwood action figure I'm ready to send somebody!

Just comment on this post below telling me which Doctor is your favorite, and I'll pick someone at random to send this figure to. Keep in mind, I'll have to be able to contact you, so you won't be able to post anonymously for this! I'll pay shipping up to a $20 value. I'll let you know the result next week!

Oh, and go play Google's DOCTOR WHO GAME while it lasts!!

November 18, 2013

Arkham Origins; Batman

Batman (Arkham Origins game version)

Fresh off the Black Mask I did last week, here is the also-requested Batman from the new video game.

November 14, 2013

Arkham Origins' Black Mask

Black Mask (from Batman - Arkham Origins)

Another request, this time from the new Arkham game. And hey, any excuse to draw a Batman character is a good one :)

Also, check out this really well done Dr. Evil sent in by Steve! -

And Cliff is back once again with some great new Doctor Who work! -
"I have done another one, wanted to do another 6th Doctors enemy, so looked at the options and fancied the L3 Robot, called Drathro, that appeared in an episode called ‘The Mysterious Planet’"

November 8, 2013

Doctor Who's "Davros"

Doctor Who's "Davros"
Davros has been a request from Doctor Who fans for a long time, so here he finally is.

And while we're on the Doctor Who train, check out this great collage of Punx coming from Paul (his link - Looks great Paul!