November 11, 2008


Rick Astley
Unless you've been living under a rock, you've stumbled upon the "Rickrolled" phenomenon. I did earlier this year, and I thought it was hilarilous! Not to mention the surprise of this deep robust voice coming out of this skinny redhead guy.

Anyway, I'm glad to hear Rick has been such a good sport about it all. Today's entry is dedicated to anyone who has ever been Rickrolled.

Does anybody else think that strobing light effect on the brick wall looks like a couple guys waving around flashlights?


  1. i feel old and sad knowing i'm actually old enough to remember a time when this was actually a mainstream music video in heavy rotation on MTV as opposed to it's current status of being just another piece of web based buffoonery to be emailed to unsuspecting friends.

    GREAT job on your rick astley's and that massive wallpaper you did recently!

  2. Good evening!

    You are really exceptional: funny and talented. Your last wallpapers are simply magnificent, and Rick Astley is brilliant, I really laugh when i see him under your lines.

    I am French and I know your blog for several months, I had never taken time to write you and I ask you moreover of excuse my very approximate English.

    Congratulations for your work, you are fantastic!

  3. You think you could do a Levar Burton Edition? Like have a Reading Rainbow one and a Geordi La Forge one? If you can, no big.

  4. What about a MONTH OF POP STARS?Please,make George Michael in all his looks through years (Wham!GM,Faith GM,Older GM,Outside(policeman)GM,Today GM)



    P.S.:I want more Batman movies characters!PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  5. Never gonna give, never gonna give...

    Jason, you're not that old. Those of us born in the 80's have been victimized by this just as long.

  6. God not even this blog is safe from a Rick Roll. Why Dean? Why has thou forsaken me? GREAT art, I'm just not a fan of the web phenom.

  7. haha i love em

    the hand positions are really it, they make the picture

  8. I love that he is all backlit in a blueish glow. HILARIOUS!!!

  9. really cool! ur so talented with Photoshop! How the heck did you do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Hi adam,

    It looks nice, I mean the effect.
    Keep going, nice job!!

    Take care...

    - cthue

  11. LOL, what bout RICKRAWKED! check out RICKY - never gonna fly now....

  12. OMG! He's also here! Send the Bat-signal!

    I wonder if one day you'll do the Monty Python... As a MP fan, I'll be grateful :)

    A french admirer of your work!

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  14. great work .. I really enjoyed looking at it.

  15. Hehe, Nice blog. Thanks for the sharing :)

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  16. good work dean
    how about doing more music like the Jonas Brothers or Katy Perry

  17. hey!! dude your work is amazing!! keep doing this stuff!! you rock!... please can you make Kings of leon!!!! XD its my favorite band!.. good times to roll on!!

  18. Lovin' the blog man, but i really hafta ask... Why are these not animated!

  19. This is the best and funniest thing Ive ever seen in my life! Rick Astley for president!