December 14, 2008

Huzzah! More Arrested Development

Ann Veal, Oscar Bluth, Prison Oscar Bluth, Annyong, Steve Holt

After I did the cast of AD, I felt I had to go ahead and do these characters as well. I mean, what would AD be without these beloved catchphrases -


"I'm Oscar! Dot Com!"


"Steve Holt!"


  1. These are AMAZING! I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that you should put all of your AD characters onto one pic with a cool background.

    Keep up the good work man, and as a fellow artist MUCH respect.

  2. It's funny that all of those catchphrases are a name, or as close to a name that most people get to in that show...

    Lucille Bluth: I'm going to Annyong's soccer awards ceremony, and...
    Annyong: Annyong.
    [everyone glares at Annyong]
    Lucille Bluth: ...and I don't need the other soccer moms knowing how old my first batch of kids are.
    Gob: Yeah, I think that they're gonna know that Annyong's not...
    Annyong: Annyong.
    Gob: [screaming] ... would somebody *please* tell this insufferable child to... GOD.

  3. You are the incredible groenin-man, very good. 10 points.:P (my english is very bad, i´m spanish from spain jajajaj). ¿brandon lee, the crow? please.

  4. You have a girlfriend?

    Yeah. Ann. You've met her dozens of times I'm sure...

    keep up the good work, man


    There is no "I" in WIN!

    Amazing. Great to see a fellow AD fan here.

  6. Its really beautiful.

  7. I really like this show!!! And you made awesome simpsonscharacters of them!!! And all of them! I'm really happy! It's difficult to find good pictures around here like yours about this show! Thank you so much for drawings them!

  8. hahaha I LOVE THESE.