July 16, 2009

Springfield Punx Graffiti!

Hey all, just wanted to share with you some awesome Punx-inspired Graffiti art by a clever and talented artist named Gusto. He did this beautifully huge mural featuring Punx-styled Marvel characters.

It really is an impressive piece. I hope you go check out his post about it here and see it in all it's full-sized glory.

To see the Marvel Punx previously featured here on the blog, you can click on some of the labels below.

Thanks Gusto, it's amazing!


  1. Dean.. your art is inspiration to many.

    Awesome job Gusto. And it was good to see credit given to Dean.. with his name on the wall.

  2. Wow! He sure captured the hip spirit in these Punx. I'm aware this is not your work, but it's helluva tribute to one of our favorite fan-artists. Thanx for the magic, Deaninator!

  3. Glad you liked it Dean, hope to do some more in the future.

  4. I totaly love this cind of grafitti. Im also a painter but I have not tried this stile yet. Big up! peace from swe

  5. D-man!
    I created a big new blog, and I chose you to be this month's blogger of the month in my own Pop-art-o-rama. If you wanna check it out, here's the link:

    It's really a tribute to you.

  6. Do some star wars people I lovs star wars.

  7. i'd like to see another month of marvel!!!!