January 6, 2010

You've Bean Missed

Mr. Bean

In high school, my typing teacher did the coolest thing.

At lunch hour he would invite teachers and students to come into the library to watch his videotapes of an odd looking character called Mr. Bean. This strange character in a brown suit didn't say much, but the situations he got into and the things he did were hilarious.

Many of us students latched on immediately. Word spread around about the videos and the lunch hour audience swelled. We'd anxiously head for the library every lunch hour to poke our heads in and ask "Is there any Mr. Bean today?"

It was one of those things that really brightened the whole school day.

When I first saw Mr. Bean get a turkey stuck on his head, It was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. I was thoroughly convinced this Rowan Atkinson guy was some kind of genius.


  1. You do realise it's the same Rowan Atkinson who was Blackadder and in the classic satirical comedy series Not The Nine O'Clock News, don't you?

    Mr Bean was a great childhood series but, for the adult in you, you really should check out Blackadder and NTNON.

  2. Mr. Bean is indeed a classic -- we would watch him in New Zealand and England growing up, and then after moving back to the States, it would be a point of connection -- "you love Mr. Bean too? sweet!"...anyway, big kudos to this post -- and i've enjoyed all your other posts over the last year or so!...

  3. Yeah, in the years following I've come across more of Atkinson's other work, though being a teenager (in Canada especially) Mr Bean was the first time I'd ever heard of him.

    I just like to go back to that first time I saw him. A neat experience.

    Thanks for the info Si Jobling!

  4. The one with the turkey was the first episode I saw of Mr. Bean! It was New Year's Eve and I was, like, fourteen, and I must agree that it was one of the most amazing things I had ever seen. Been a fan ever since.

  5. The turkey episode was one of the first episodes of Mr. Bean I ever saw as well...

    I thought it was crazy to say the least. :)

    Thanks for the :D, Dean!

  6. Hello, I wanted to congratulate you for your work, (sorry for my English) Please, you could draw Sheldon of The big bang theory? Thank You

  7. I'm actually from England, and on a Blackadder anniversary special they interviewed Rowan and he's a really shy, boring sounding man in real life! He said he gets annoyed when people just know him as Mr. Bean, and never realize that he is a brilliant adult comedian and sketch writer as well!

  8. Watching him change into a bathing suit without taking off his pants was incredible.

    Love these, Dean!

    Request: Why not some classic WWF wrestlers like Hulk Hogan and Macho Man?

  9. Hahahhaha!!! It's so Awesome, seems like you read my thought!!! Recently, on Thanksgiving day I posted this video in my blog too!!! I like so much this the coolest serial with Mr. Bean!!! Yohohooo! Holy Mr. Bean!!

    Recently, I heard on the radio(on BBc), that - spanish president is very seems like on Mr. Bean. And one hacker put and change photo, from official page of spanish president on photo with Mr. Bean!!!! It's really!!!

    Dear Dean!!! If you want little to laught, enter here please:


  10. You've done Bean... how about doing The Young Ones?

  11. You should make the 9 characters. start with 1 then 2 then 3 and all the way up to 9

  12. Have you ever checked out the animated Mr. Bean series? It still shows on Nickelodeon over here (UK) I think,

  13. And you were right. He *is* a genius.

  14. Ya know, I'd like to see The Big Bang Theory stars simpsonized, too, come to think of it. Oh, and Bean looks great!

  15. Rowan is a comedic genius.
    And Mr. Bean proves that.
    I was sad to see that Mr. Bean's Holiday may be the last we'll ever see of him...

    And, by request, The Big Bang Theory.

  16. http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2010/01/05/mr-bean-takes-spanish-pm-web-site/

  17. hola buenas noches que chingon trabajo........

    sorry i had to say it in spanish i foun your page just for luck but i´m glad to foun it cause it is awesome i just want to ask you if there is an other place to look at your art congratulations again...

    greeting from mexico

    "real men wear masks"

    p.s. sorry for my bad english

  18. *slowly walks into porta-potty in "Vacation" ...*


  19. I share you're nostalgic fondness for Mr. Bean as well. You capture so many of his facial mannerisms perfectly with your subtle line-work.

    I have no doubt that you drown in requests, so feel free to ignore, but I can't help but think how awesome it would be to get 4 Blackadder punx, one for each season (iteration) of Rowan Atkinson.