June 29, 2010

Doctor Who Week: Day 2

Dalek, Dalek Ironside

(Click images to enlarge)


Well next of course is the iconic Who baddies, the Daleks. These guys may seem like R2D2's twisted uncles at first, but they are quite the formidable foe.

It was funny when I was first trying to figure out if I was pronouncing it right. "Dahhhlek? "Doll-lek?" Or is it "DAY-leks", but I'm just hearing the British accent coming through...? I eventually figured it out though :)

At any rate, since Daleks come in scores of different color combinations, I've posted a 'blank' line art/transparency Dalek below for you to color or just mess with however you want (click image). And hey, if you come up with something crazy or cool and would like to send it along, it just might just get posted here for all to see in the following days. Have fun!


  1. It's pronounced 'Dah-leck."
    I'm going to spend a ridiculous amount of time coloring the blank dalek you provided. Thanks!

  2. At a recent 'comic book day' (I was unawar of this until I went inside) at a local bookstore I rounded a corner and came face to...um...sink-plunger with a 'life' sized Dalek rolling slowly towards me. I had a moment of blind panic ("RUN AWAY!!!") before I remembered that they aren't actually real.

  3. I used your blank Dalek for a wallpaper. http://intotardis.blogspot.com/2011/08/dalek-sunset-wallpaper.html