August 16, 2010

DC Comics Week: Day 1

Wonder Woman (Golden Age and New Costume)

A blog reader named Noel made the suggestion to take on some more Wonder Woman versions; her Golden Age look and her controversial 'new look' that was been making headlines all over the place.

As far as the new costume goes, I'm probably a little less annoyed with it now that I've had some time to get used to it. I do understand and appreciate the effort to do something 'fresh' with Wondy, but I still don't know about where they're going with this. I think the motivation in their mind was partly a desire to envision what a movie Wonder Woman could be like. I suppose we'll see if it ultimately becomes embraced or not, but hey, people are talking about Wonder Woman again, so maybe that's the point...

Something I did want to do though, is play around with the look and try to tweak the costume to look a little more 'Wonder Woman'... Below is the result of some quick 'tweaking'. I think they would be well advised to pull more iconic influences back into their design - maybe there can be a happy medium. What do you think?
(Click image to enlarge)

And to end off for today, Noel (who I mentioned earlier) has a creation called 'Dawgs' that are pretty cute, and has even paired them with some Springfield Punx. Here's a look:


  1. Wondy. :D

    I like the versions you tweaked. I like the black pants with the silver bracelets best for some reason. The jacket can stay on or come off. I'm not really tripping off that, but I do find a combination of the old and new look more aesthetically pleasing. I grew up on the comic book and the TV show, so when I saw the new look...I was kind of happy about the pants, but it was a little to dark to me. It also has very little to make the uniform/outfit pop. I hope they take your suggestion, Dean.

  2. Well thank you for making my day. I am now famous for the right reasons.. I am glad I could help with the golden oldie Wonder Woman concept... and i am really touched that you offered to introduce your fans to my Dawgs.... its nice for your continuing support and encouragement you give to younger artists out there. THANK YOU & HAPPINESS FROM Noel (aged 46 & still young at heart)


  4. The Dawg idea certainly doesn't look disastrous. I liked Batfang and Bitewing best. Could be fun.