January 17, 2011

Greendale Human Being + Springfield Punx Round-Up

The Greendale Human Being (from NBC's Community)

If you haven't seen NBC's Community, this hilariously ambiguous thing above is the mascot for Greendale Community College - The bland result of an extreme attempt to be non-violent, animal-friendly, racially sensitive, and utterly politically correct :) Now that's satire!

In other news, we have a number of Springfield Punx inspired creations popping up lately which were so cool I had to share them! First up, Cori at Cori's Cricut used the Punx Dalek here, and with SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) software created this awesome birthday card for her Dad! I love the gittery gold look of the Dalek :)

A dude named Arnold also whipped up this R2D2 colored Dalek from the same image, pretty neat :)

New friend Josh created a Punx superhero movie banner that I liked...

Noel from the It's a Dawgs Life blog did a brilliant re-creation of the classic X-men cover, and did his own Dawg version of Captain America.

And lastly - EGG-STERMINATE!! Nancy came up with something unexpected but totally cool! Imagine sitting down to breakfast and you see a Dalek right on your egg! She says she used an "Egg-Bot" she got for Christmas (www.egg-bot.com), and says that "I just had to use one of your images for my eggsperiments (groan)." lol Thanks Nancy!


Phew! Well, I hope I haven't forgotten anything, thanks for hanging around, all!

UPDATE - Oh yeah, one more thing! The guys at The Omega Podcast made a new wallpaper packed with Doctor Who Punx! Thanks guys! Click image to enlarge.


  1. Bwaha! Love the R2Dalek! Does this mean more Who is on the way?? Fingers crossed! :}

  2. Too kind.... Thanks for everything

    I now have Fame.... All I need now is the Fortune

    Thought about doing a Green Hornet Punx ?

    Thanks from Noel 9 & Buddy from It's a Dawgs Life

  3. hi there, sorry to ask, ut i think you should really simpsonize captain jack harness (and the face of boe)

  4. I LOVE Community! Can we expect a Punx version of the entire cast someday?

  5. your work is nice. Can you create your own versions of each Teen titan? I mean, Superboy, Kid Flash, etc.

  6. Hoping for a Punx version of the Community cast as well. Best comedy series on TV right now.

    It's ridiculous that it was not nominated for an Emmy last year nor for the Globes this year.

  7. i think you should do a captain jack harkness

  8. more Community please! :-)