March 15, 2012

Sinestro Corps - Harley Quinn?!

This one today is thanks to Jonathan who wrote in and suggested that it would be fun to see DC's Harley Quinn if she were recruited by Sinestro to join the Sinestro Corps as a Yellow Lantern. Thanks for the idea, Jonathan!

On another note, Cliff has reworked some Punx and created his rendition of the classic 4th Doctor companion Leela. Check it out...

Patrick has also sent in his newest drawing - Tom Jones!


And this one is a treat for me, as I'm a fan of this show... Glenn has shared his "Person of Interest" drawing! Awesome!


  1. Oh my god! This is amazing! You gotta do more Lantern Corps stuff. Maybe you could have a day each week where you do a different lantern corps or something. Awesome

  2. That Harley is amazing! Would you care if I ran her on my site ( This would be with full credit, of course.

  3. Thanks guys! Sure Alex, you can post it. Thanks for that as well!

    1. Awesome! I'll let you know when it's posted! Thanks!

    2. Sorry, I forgot to post it here when it went live, but here's the link to the post featuring your Harley: