May 9, 2012

The Avengers Movie - Thor... Sleeveless?

Avengers Movie Thor (Sleeveless outfit)

So it turns out that besides his usual caped look, Thor also gets a set of "casual" attire in the Avengers movie. These clothes let the man show off his bare arms, much like his comic book couterpart.

Anyway, look for the caped Thor in his regular Avengers movie costume to also show up here very soon!

Also today, some more Punx-inspired Doctor Who fan art from Cliff, this time he's done Zoe Heriot and a Quark to along with Springfield Punx's 2nd Doctor! Cool stuff Cliff! Click images to enlarge...


1 comment:

  1. I loved the Movie, but until I saw your Thor today did not realise that the breast plate was different from the full armour version in the movie. (also the gautlets are different) So thanks I have gone back and had to do a Dawg Version of BOTH Uniforms. We wont mention the Cape and sleeveless combination when he fought Ironman in the woods. This is a VERY fussy looking Thor.... Too many curvey bits, BUT It did work well in the Movie.