October 30, 2012



Getting to a requested character - Rambo.

Also more great Doctor Who-ness from Cliff, this time the Doctor with Ice Warriors and Commander Azaxyr. Cool :) Click image to enlarge


And Ximo is back with what he describes as "Stark from Winterfell with a Stark Industries armor"


  1. Awesome as ever.

    I have a request if you're up for it. I don't know if you watch Community (you did do the Greendale Human Being, once again it was awesome), but in it's third season there's a show called Inspector SpaceTime about a guy who's basically a parody of the Doctor from Doctor Who. He travels through time in a red phone box with his companion Constable Reggie fighting the evil Blorgons with his Quantum Spanner. It's so popular that fans have even created an entire backstory for the supposedly 50 year old show. I'd love to see the Inspector in Punx style if your up for it.

  2. Hey Dean, brilliant as ever! Have you considered doing the Red Dwarf crew in a Punx style? Seeing as it is now back on our screens! Also I hope we'll be getting some more Doctor Who work soon!

    1. I second every last word of this!