November 20, 2012

Seven of Nine

Star Trek Voyager's "Seven of Nine"

I decided that for today that I would post something a little different. It's probably the most interesting thing to come out of the Star Trek: Voyager show - The former (reformed?) member of the Borg named Seven of Nine (or "7 of 9"). Cool concept, although I can't say I watched it enough to know where her story ended up...

 Cliff has also send in another great piece of Doctor Who Punx art, it's Dalek Sec and the Pig Slaves to go along with my Dalek. Cool!


  1. THIS IS BEYOND AWESOME!! Voyager is my all time favourite Trek Series & 7 is my favourite character. This looks just perfect :D

  2. This is great! I'm a huge Trekkie. You should do more Star Trek characters from TNG or DS9 too!

  3. I really love 7 and all the characters of Star trek voyager. Can I suggest you to create an official page on facebook about Springfield punx? It would be great!