February 26, 2013

Wolverine 2.0

Marvel's Wolverine

It was a looong time ago when I posted that first Wolverine on this blog, and I thought Ol' Logan deserved another treatment.

I appreciate Cliff's newest Doctor Who pics today, they are based on "The Eleventh Hour" episode - I had seen a few miscellaneous Tenant Doctor Who episodes (that really didn't grab me too much) before I saw this one , but this is the one that really 'sold' me on Doctor Who. These capture a couple of different moments from it, and we even get Cliff's take on Prisoner Zero! Thanks, Cliff!


  1. Now those are some unique suggestions! I should think on those...

  2. Thought you should see this: Someone took your Mortal Kombat images and is printing them on shirts.


    1. Oh yeah, you're right. Thanks for passing that along.