March 27, 2013

Red Hood

DC Comics' Red Hood

Getting to another request today, the pseudo-ally to Batman, the former Robin - Jason Todd - currently known as the Red Hood. The character was even prominently featured in a pretty cool DC Animated movie "Batman: Under the Read Hood" a while back.

Hopefully these will go well alongside the Red Robin and Nightwing I did recently.

And check this out - a HUGE Superman fan named Nick emailed me with some kind words on my Superman/Smallville Punx. He's such a hardcore Supes fan that he had this "Man of Steel" tattoo done when the new logo was revealed! The kryptonian writing even spells out the names of his wife and two kids! Wow!


  1. Thanks man, awesome of you to post this. u the man

  2. Thanks Man! Awesome to see myself included on my favorite blog! ;-)

    No idea who the anonymous post above me was, but it wasn't me lol.

  3. Can we see an old skool Red Hood?