June 3, 2013

More Awesome Art from SP Fans

Some great Punx remixes have come in recently that I'd like you to see, first some characters from Ximo for comic fans, and then some really cool Doctor Who Punx made by Willowbay!

(Click images to enlarge)

These are Ximo's newest DC-Marvel Mashups;


And here is a whole thwack of cool DW characters from Willowbay, some of which I admit I'm not too familiar with;
UPDATE! Willowbay has now provided us with descriptions for all these DW creations - "Victoria is a companion of the second doctor. The Cybershade was from "The Next Doctor" Christmas special.   Abzorbaloff was from the "Love and Monsters" episode. The clockwork droid was from "The Girl in the Fireplace" episode. The Torchwood piece isn't quite finished as I still need Ianto. Last but not least is the Face of Boe (SPOILER!! who is actually Captain Jack Harkness) from three episodes The end of the world, New Earth, Gridlock (where he dies)"

Clockwork droid
The Face of Boe

Thanks for sharing, guys!

And hey, if you're also looking forward to the Man of Steel movie like me, feel free to check out my thoughts for the upcoming movie at my blog, thanks!

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