November 18, 2013

Arkham Origins; Batman

Batman (Arkham Origins game version)

Fresh off the Black Mask I did last week, here is the also-requested Batman from the new video game.


  1. Another awesome Punx, Dean. Planning on doing any more from Arkham Origins? Because I'd love to see you tackle Deathstroke, Bane, the Joker and Robin. The game had such great character design!

    1. yeah do Deathstroke to that would be awesome and Robin Bane Joker

  2. Carson Mailand - SmithFebruary 12, 2014 at 4:22 AM

    Hey Dean, I'm turning 16 this year so for my birthday i'd like Simpons drawings of Stan Laurel,Oliver Hardy,Mystery Inc and their van The Mystery Machine from Scooby Doo and The Wiggles with their friends and the Big Red Car.