February 21, 2014

Arkham Origins Joker

The Joker (from "Batman: Arkham Origins" game)
I decided to draw the Joker from the most recent Batman Arkham game. I though it was a good idea, as I really like the youthful but menacing look he has in that game. And besides that, I'll take almost any excuse to draw the Joker :)

Update - I also wanted to make mention of  Jacob W Robinson and his Punx-inspired Doctor Who drawings, he has many on his site http://www.jayrobanimation.com/apps/photos/album?albumid=15068128 including the below image. Jacob is also involved in a Lego challenge https://theawesomealliance.lego.com/ that he would like your votes for, his being "The Fighting Mongooses" https://theawesomealliance.lego.com/team/427 which you can check out. Kudos Jacob!


  1. Dean I love your work. You should do Amy pound in the time of the doctor. Oh and this is a side note Buffy the vampire slayer characters would be a .good idea

  2. Also Bad Wolf aka Rose in the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who

  3. Very nice. You will have another excuse to draw a different kind of joker in a Gotham TV show spread.

    Again I've got lots to catch up on so you may have already drawn Joker of 'Suicide Squad' so I'm looking forward to that.