August 19, 2014

Na-Nu Na-Nu!

"Mork from Ork" (played by Robin Williams in Mork & Mindy)

I thought it might be an appropriate time....


  1. Awesome, as always and a little extra :D

  2. Great Tribute, combining the comedy with the tragic loss of a wonderful "STAR" will be appreciated by all of your readers. Best Wishes and Thanks

  3. Love your Robin WIlliams, I remember first seeing Mork on Happy Days, waaaaay
    back in the 70's. Even then, his talent was undeniable Like many stars who burn brightly, his light burned out far too soon. RIP, Mr Williams.

  4. Wow. What a very touching tribute for Robin Williams. I actually got to meet him back when he did Johnny Carson. I was in the audience when he came out of the backstage area with the rocking chair with the guitar rockers. It was the most funny I've seen him do. Rest in piece Robin. You're very funny and you're a good man to boot.