May 26, 2015

A Darker Shade of the 6th Doc

Colin Baker's 6th Doctor (from Doctor Who)

To fulfill a request, here's the 6th Doc in the much less loud, but still very dapper darker suit.


  1. If you;re doing variants, maybe you might like to do some variants of the Seventh Doctor? There's lots you could do;
    - hatless
    - jacketless
    - cream jacket with bamboo umbrella
    - with duffell coat
    - the TV Movie costume
    it'd be nice, as you've done quite a few variants of the other Doctors, and it'd be nice to see Seven get some love! (if you need any reference images, just let me know)

    Also, just a suggestion, but maybe you could draw James Corden, who used to be in Doctor Who and is now host of The Late Late Show, and you did do Craig Ferguson!

    1. Yes Sam, if you could email me reference images, that would help a lot, thank you.

    2. Hey Dean, forgot to check of you got the email and said reference pictures? Hope they were useful!

  2. Dean Please can you do the suicide squad as the new photos of cast have been released also can you do some more characters from the flash on the cw thanks keep up the good work.

  3. I'm surprised you actually did this one. It's a really obscure outfit. Cool to finally see it though.

  4. I gotta ask this well 1st let me say Thank You Dean for starting this trend of Simpson-izing everything very 1st one I saw was Nightcrawler. Anyway my question is what's with all Dr.Who? I just dont get the appeal of the shows etc