June 26, 2015

"Truth" Superman

Superman (from DC's Superman; Truth storyline)
DC Comics currently has a "DC You" initiative going on, with new status-quos for most of the characters, including Superman - Following the revelation of Superman's true identity, the reduced-powered Supes hits the road on a motorbike in a jeans-and-tee-shirt look and cape-wrapped knuckles. I'm actually pretty cool with his look - but only for a while...


  1. Awesome! Could you do Supergirl from the TV Show?

  2. do you do The week Of Arkham Knight ?

  3. Yes arkham knight week would be awsome. Personally im still a fan of classic superman and the zynder version but truth looks quite cool

  4. Dean, I don't think that the nanotech suit version of Superman's coming back for a while....

  5. Hey Dean. I'm looking at your simsonised profile punx. You look look very Clark-like :) For DC You about putting yourself in a superman costume of your design and post it on your blog! That'd be fun to see.

    1. Oh hahaha I donno, that hadn't crossed my mind :)