August 26, 2016

Awesome Doctor Who Wallpapers by E Rask

​Some great Doctor Who Punx wallpapers put together by E Rask today - who also tells us about a very cool thing you can do with them! -

"I used all the doctors that you have made in the Simpsons style and made these wallpapers that when put on shuffle with just them, they fade into each other." Thanks E Rask! Click images to enlarge.

(BTW, I'm thinking about Doctor Who characters I haven't done for the blog yet, any ideas what would make a good Punx?)


  1. Companions! Barbara to go with Ian, Tegan, Peri, Jo, Jamie, Zoe, Romana - One for each Doctor please :)

  2. Enemies: I would love to see the Rani or maybe Autons.
    Companions: Romana or Leela
    Others: the Torchwood team or Sarah Jane Adventures characters

  3. Excellent as is! Brilliantly done!

  4. Nicely chosen quotes E Rask! Well done.