August 20, 2008

Watchmen Wallpaper

As promised, here it is in three different flavors -



There was also a request for a widescreen 1680x1050, available here -

also a request for 1440x900 -

UPDATE - Just wanted to share another take on a Watchmen/Simpsons mash-up by 'jorel' that he has pointed me to, I think it looks cool, not to mention cute!

You can catch a better look at his photo album



  1. Oh god! That's so awesome!

    Can you PLEASE PLEASE make some WIDESCREEN versions?

    Specifically in 1680x1050?

  2. Damn man...
    You Are a Doctor Manhattan!
    Great gift for fans! And thanx: The Earth is a better place after Springfield Punx!
    From Brazil,


  3. Hey dude
    Awesome work!

    Can i request you DAVE GROHL in Simpsons Mode?

    See ya

    Greetings from México

  4. Awesome! Thank you so much Simpsonizing the Minutemen :)

  5. Wow. This is incredible. I had a similar idea and drew the Simpson kids and friends as Watchmen characters. This is better than mine, but I thought youd like to see these.

    Keep it up, this is an awesome site.

    ps- I would love to see Gambit from the X-Men simpsonized and Sublime.

  6. Jorel, that's very very cool! I'm gonna put up a link to it, if that's okay...

  7. Awesome! I appreciate the link.

  8. Not sure why my last comment from yesterday didn't get published (Maybe error while submitting) Anyways, I second the request for Widescreen versions, 1600x1200 is sufficient but 1680x1050 would be better.
    And Joerl's work is pretty cool as well.

  9. Hey vivek, I actually did attempt to upload a widescreen version yesterday, but blogger resized it for some reason. I'll try it again.

  10. Dean.. you are a star. Thanks a lot.

  11. You sir are a scholar and a gentleman!

    Thank you for the widescreen version!

  12. Any chance of Simpsonizing some of the official Watchmen Wallpapers or posters?

    Awesome work, btw.

  13. could you make some nudist simpsons on nude beach?, if nude hidden of course!

    Nice work

  14. excelent job man!
    what about LOST characters??

  15. fantastic !!!

    sugestion: can you "simpsonize" tf2 (steam game) characters ?


  16. Hello!

    Dude, see... my english is not good, but I will express myself here the best than I can.

    I found phenomenal your work in " Simpsonizing " characters of several branches of the pop culture. Marty Mcfly, Teenage Mutant Ninjas Turtles, Lion-O, Neo, Superman... among others! The Heath Ledger was show! Very good same and I was happy in dashing for here. I will use some images in my blog, clear, logical and evident, properly link.

    A brazilian hug and go and go!. Suggestion? Saint Seiya. Aloha!

  17. Oh god yes, dimbo.

    Simpsonise TF2 please!

  18. One of the best ever! Can you please make a 1440 x 900 version for a Mac addict? :)

  19. Clicking on the thumbnails takes you to an 800x500 rendering of the widescreen wallpaper. Here is how to get to the 1680x1050 or the 1440x900 desktop:

    1) Click on the thumbnail.
    2) Wait for the page with the 800x500 render to load.
    3) On the right-hand side of that page, click on the link "Download Photo" and choose to save it.

  20. Could you please make a 1280x800 version of this? Thanks!

  21. Woow nice ... thanx for sharing...

  22. I'm really impressed! I've already loaded it. May I request a Minutemen one too!

    Keep it up you're talented.

  23. Wow, there's a brazilian blog with that exact same cast of Simpson's children as the same characters...

    Worth a visit