August 12, 2008

What's new August 13, 2008

Hey all, thanks for all the comments and suggestions! I just wanted to let you make mention of a few things.

First, Hook-handed Aquaman has been added today to the
DC Comics Explosion post.

Second, Adam who runs the very cool
DisneyEtc has given Springfield Punx a mention there and I wanted to give a shout out to him, go check out his blog for some great retro art, movie talk, etc!

And last but not least, a talented artist named James has pointed us to a couple of his Simpsons-inspired works based on Dragonball Z and Galaxy Express 999. Visit his links and you can see bigger versions there.

ttyl guys!


  1. My Friend, your blog is amazing, I loved these pictures, fantastic man, fantastic.

    I told about your blog on mine and linked you.

    Good Bye Man.



  2. Just came across this site.
    I love the characters you're sketchin'

    If you're in need of good ideas, how about the characters from Megaman the nintendo games?

  3. !! that's tru!! I would love to see mario bros!

  4. Oh man, his DBZ work is awesome.

  5. this is amazing the "burnseque" frieza is too funny

  6. dude the DBZ one is freaking awesome. love it