September 4, 2008

By The Power Of Grayskull...

He-man, Skeletor, He-man (Cartoon version)

Man I loved these guys.

I loved raising a stick over my head and yelling "I HAVE THE POOOWWWERRRR!

I loved seeing a young man surge with energy and become a legendary warrior.

I loved the feeling I got just by holding the chunky toys in my hand.

I loved the mountain of Masters of the Universe weapons lying on the floor.

I loved the bold image of He-Man mounted upon the faithful Battle-Cat.

I loved that Castle!

I loved being a kid.


  1. Man, you are a freaking genius.
    Great characters.

  2. Please, make Prince Adam, if you have some time.
    Again: wonderful work.

  3. AMAZING!!! I loved He-Man I once stole a kids shark ride thing from pre school. I told my grandmother that my mom got it for me and I told my mom that my grandmother got it for me. And then I got caught and one of my earliest most vivid memories is having to give the toy back and apologize with adults towering all around and watching approvingly.

  4. Nice!!! Reminded me of of Prince Adam/He-Man's appearance in The Simpsons.

  5. wow, when did that happen, geekyakee?

  6. Dude, your work is totally awesome! Please do more characters when you have the time - would love to see a Simpsonized Beast Man:)

  7. Ahh, the childhood memories. Thank you so much for keeping all the vintage cartoon series alive with your tributes.

    And now for shameless fanboy mode:
    "Draw Battlecat! And Jace and the Wheeled Warriors! And M.A.S.K.! And the rest of the Thundercats (especially Cheetara)!"
    [/shameless fanboy mode]

    Seriously, I love this blog.

  8. Hey dean, been following your site for a while after seeing it on Gizmodo where they featured the comic heroes.

    Love the Simpsons myself, although I've stopped watching after the new seasons started sucking :p

    Anyway, was wondering if you had a place anywhere, where people could make suggestions of things they'd like to see "simpsonized"?

    Personally I'd love to see the character of Spawn made into a Simpsons version, as well as some video game characters like Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog, as well as various Blizzard characters!

    I admin a fairly large Diablo 3 fansite, and would love to feature some Diablo themed simpsons characters if you ever made any!

    Either way, great work so far, and look forward to seeing what cool characters you can come up with next :)

  9. Wow, thank you very much! He-Man rulez!!!!

  10. jejeeje, your work is very good.

  11. fenomenal...

    ¿can you make a character of DUNCAN or Battle-cat?

    really pulentos

  12. Damn, just yesterday we were talking about this with some friends.We're saying that "our time cartoon" (hell we got at least 22, myself) were superior, and we've been cheking their intro:
    All the Disney's one:
    -Darkwing Duck
    -Duck Tales
    -Chip'n Dale
    -Gummies Bears (hell, yeah!)
    -He-Man & She-Ra
    And many others

  13. ...and Thundercats (how can I have forgotted to mention)

  14. TIO!!!

  15. great job, i´m a brazilian and your work is most famous in here.

  16. may I post your skeletor on my tumblr account?? will give a linkback!

  17. Yeah, that should be fine, Bunny.

  18. TY! Linked back to this awesome post!!!! I luv u Skeletor!!! xoxo

  19. I agree with your comments about Adam's alter ego, dude! He-Man, along with Leon-o are the very best animated TV heroes I rememeber. Thanks for your designs! How do you draw them? I'm kinda an artist myself and I appreciate your work very much.

  20. Found your site from a post. Love your work it's awesome.

  21. great job man!!!! why don't you try He-Man 2002's characters? :P

  22. "your FACE is more yellow then my skull HE-MAN!"