September 9, 2008

I am not a number!

Number 6

"The Prisoner" series from the 60's is of the most unique shows ever made. It was an engaging and enigmatic action-adventure allegory about freedom and the world system we live in.

If you've never heard of this amazing show, you can find out about it at

Patrick McGoohan even returned to the role of "Number 6" on an episode of the Simpsons a while back, how cool is that? This was the look he had as a Simpsons character

Catch it if you can. It might look like a bit of a strange show at first, (wait till you meet Rover) but if you're like me, after watching the series you'll scour the net for interviews and episode interpretations to dig deeper into the world of The Prisoner.

Be seeing you.


  1. Great work ;) Hard to imagine the same guy was Edward the Longshanks in Braveheart.

    "We'll be seeing you!"

  2. Six of one :) I visited Portmeirion, for the first time, earlier this year. It was wonderful, and watching The Prisoner has a whole new frisson now that I have been to the Village.

  3. Oh man, that is fantastic!

  4. Oh, my God, I´m "flipando", like me say here, in Spain xD

    Amazing work, dude. Congratulations, really.

    Your blog goes to my bookmarks ;)

  5. Man...kudos on some excellent work. Your art has gained plenty of complements as I've used some of the different pieces as my Facebook profile pic. I've directed many people to your site.

    One request at this time of year....I'd love to see Obama/Biden and McCain/Palin! Actually, not so much the second two, but Obama & Biden would be great!!!

  6. I should preface this by telling you that I am Canadian, but...

    ugh, frankly I REALLY hesitate to venture into the middle of that mess on this blog. I keep a fairly close eye on the US and I can't stand either the Republicans or the Democrats, truth be told.

  7. I want sonny crockett and rico from miami vice!!!

    good work man, keep working!

    from argentina, diego.


  8. In that about Harper, Dion and Layton!? :)

    I'm Canadian too, but I understand that it could potentially cause you more hassles than you'd want.

    What about something fun like the "PC" and "Mac" from the Mac ads?

  9. Well if you're going to do British TV series, where are the 10 Doctors?

  10. Hello from Kuwait!

    Would you believe that the Number Six character in Battlestar Galactica, played by Tricia Helfner, is named after this guy?!

    I mean, I know I haven't heard of this series, and that I've heard its a classic and he's an iconic character and all, but to name someone so smoking hot after a guy in the 60s is just weird for my taste...

  11. I love the artwork! I think it's absolutely awesome. Hate to be a spoilsport but I know that more than just this one are duplicates of show art. Simpsons did a Prisoner parody a few years ago. Perhaps that episode hasn't made it to Canada.

  12. nihil, yeah, I know about the Prisoner parody on the show, I mentioned his Simpsons appearance in the post there. It was awesome to see him on the show.

  13. Yesss! I adore The Prisoner. I am amazed that someone else my age-ish has been lucky enough to watch it as well!

  14. I found your blog when Jorge Garcia linked it from his blog about your LOST characters. Awesome work. Only tonight did I venture back to older stuff you've done, and saw your number 6. More AWESOMENESS. I just had to post and say nice work. Keep it up!